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Let Jinuset take you on educative, fun and memorable tour around Badagry and West Africa attractions.

Badagry was founded around 1425 A.D. before its existence, people have been living along the Coast of Gberefu, which later gave birth to Badagry. Fishing, Farming, salt making from ocean water were the main occupation of the people. The natives believe that Badagry was founded by a famous farmer called ‘Agbedeh’ who lived at Gberefu Sea Beach and maintained a farm land across the lagoon in the present Badagry. ‘Greme’ means farm in Ogu language and the people who visited Agbede’s farm, when asked, would say…continue reading

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Badagry slave family, Badagry point of no-return, First storey building in Nigeria, Badagry Beach, Voodoo market near Abomey, Benin, Tanguieta, Benin, Kumasi, Ghana, Cape Coast, Olumo rock, Abeokuta.

Apart from the listed destinations, we can as well prepare a meaningful and very interesting Tour of these four (4) countries: From Badagry (Nigeria) – Cotonou –Ouidah (Rep. of Benin) – Lomé (Togo) – Accra-Cape Coast- Kumasi- Akosombo (Ghana).

In addition, we can as well organize visitation to Royal Heads, Govt. Bodies and Nigeria High Commission if you wish.

Finally, this can be rearranged to suit what you so much desire.



Interaction with Beninese / Ghanaian counterparts

Tourists will be able to interact with other tourists from different regions.

Insight of Beninese / Ghanaian’s ideology

Tourists will have insight of the ideology of the destinations.

Added Value and Power of Foreign Languages

Tourists will be able to communicate with foreigners through interpreters.

Cultural Exchange

Tourists will have a taste of different cultures and cuisines.

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